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Is there any way that the tree widget can be updated to make it look more modern? I have a 'main menu' screen that looks similar to Windows explorer but is staring to look tired and dated. Does anyone have any ideas if or how can I quickly and easily improve it's appearance?


  1. with a HTML5 based tree, you have a universe of options to make it a real eyecatcher (including animations, interactions, ...). OK, you need the HTMLwidget which demands a non-modal form, but I assume your "Main Menu Form" is already the very first one.

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  2. Yes it is the first screen. I am using 9604 in one application and 9701 in another and I can see I have the HTML5 widget available but what do I do with it? Do you have an example I could work from? Thanks.Laugh

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  3. Hi Bridget1 you can find a demo in example "GUI Sample: HTML Widget and JavaScript" provided with uniface. The idea is just when you "press a button" or "click on a leaf", an associated extended trigger for this htmlwidget ist activated on the uniface-core starting the desired action. For communication purposes, I just provide a single extended trigger which has a "payload" parameter ("do=opt1;debug=no"). Somewhere inside uniface, this payload is examined (replace ";" with GOLD; and you have a list) and control is transferred to the desired service provider. HIH, Uli P.S. the only critical issue is to avoid parallel processing when you use other non-modal components in your application. but when all your other forms are non-modal, this is no problem at all.

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  4. Bridget1 I was looking at the internet for pictures of a tree control or javascript tree control. I see some parts which we do not have, like checkboxes or radiobutton on the nodes. Multi column tree is also not supported however you can get around this with the tree-list view. Can you give some details on what you expect to see or what you miss in the Windows tree-control we use?    Jasper de Keijzer

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  5. Hi Jasper, there is one area of eyecatchers you will not see on these pictures: There are a lot of animations and interactions you can get from HTML5 driven trees (some impressing demos). It is just for fun and "gamification", but a couple of applications have this for their entry screen. A lot of fade-ins, fade-outs, etc. just to keep the user away from doing his work straight away, but they love it. So if one has to compete with his uniface application against these animated shows, the HTML5 may be worth to look at for the entry screen (sales departments demand this from development) And you have treewidgets with embedded filter field on top which makes selecting in large trees easier, etc.   Greetings from Frankfurt/Germay, Uli

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  6. Hi Jasper, in this case, the HTMLwidget is similar to the good old 3GL interface: A possibility to extend uniface functionality with common tools (not so many other products provide). So if one needs some all-singing-and-dancing intro screen, uniface gives a way to do so with just an easy: - buy/download some impressive web widget of your choice - take some demo code for this widget from the internet - make it communicate with the uniface core via extended triggers - let your demo run on your HTML widget (yes, it's so easy) So this is really not necessary to provide any fancy eyecatcher with native uniface code. Have a nice week allover in unifaceland, Uli

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