Timeout issue

Author: lalitpct@gmail.com (lalitpct)

Timeout issue
1)In AIX environment $timeout do not work , how to handle timeout for CHUI application in AIX environment
2)when we run filebox command and we keep the selection window open (not selecting any file) , timeout do not work in windows as well then.
3)Is there a way to check timeout value inside code


  1. You could try UTIMER instead. However, since the filebox is modal, it's unlikely it will make any difference to that. It may well interrupt the CHUI better than $timeout does though.

    Author: Iain Sharp (i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk)
  2. But .. i need to check whethe it is inactive for $timout minutes ... if i use UTIMER  it doesnt checjk for inactive period.

    and one more question ..is there way to find timeout minutes in the code???



    Author: lalitpct (lalitpct@gmail.com)