Time to delete instance WINWORD too long

Author: rmeaille@medinfo.fr (foster06)


We are changing our software by changing the call to Winword from OLE to Signature.

Now after the quit Winword command, we do a deleteinstance of the Winword handle, and this Uniface command takes more than 2 seconds.

Example of our code :

    NewInstance "WORD", $H_WORD$
    $H_WORD$->VISIBLE( 1 )


    $DOCUMENTS$->OPEN( $DOCUMENT$, filename )
    $DOCUMENT$->NAME( ref_new )   

    $H_WORD$->WQUIT( 0 )
    deleteinstance $H_WORD$   

The deleteinstance  take more thas 2 seconds.

Anybody knows why it is so long ?

Thanks for your help.


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