Tabs on Form

Author: (dammie)

Hello, I´d like to use tab widget ... Form with tabs widget had to be Non-Modal ... There is pool of modal forms, if I want to call this non-modal form  I ve got this error... :(  



An attempt was made by an instance other than the current modal form instance to start an operation other than the EXEC operation.

There is non possibility tu run non-modal from modal or how or how can I cheat it?


  1. Hi, Do you try to do :  newinstance "MODALFORM","TEST","MODALITY=NON-MODAL" I don't know how it work if you have OUT  or IN/OUT parameters. Cordialy.

    Author: Gilles (
  2. I'm pretty shure that there is non possibility to run non-modal from modal. I'm not familiar with any cheets or shortcuts in this area. Cheers, Arjen

    Author: Arjen van Vliet (
  3. Hi DammieX, IMHO thinking to call a non-modal form from a modal form is a conceptual error. Microsoft is defining them as: You can use class CDialog to manage two kinds of dialog boxes: - Modal dialog boxes: which require the user to respond and close or hide the dialog before continuing the program - Modeless dialog boxes: which stay on the screen and are available for use at any time but permit other user activities It should be possible to exit from the modal form with a signal (a variable) enabling to start the non-modal form...but this can be done only if the form model for that application was already renewed to accept either modal and non-modal forms. I already got this request many times on the field when a company/developer, maintaining an old Uniface application based on a modal stack, wants to call a newer non-modal form using latest feature. The solution in this case is to put in place a modernization project to adapt the navigation style/implementation of that application to a mixed modal and non-modal model; after this project when a functional form must be started it could be either modal or non-modal. Hope it helps... Gianni

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