TIp: Redirecting udbg.cnf file

Author: arjen.van.vliet@uniface.com (Arjen van Vliet)

Hi fellow Uniface developers and consultants, Don't you just hate it when unexpected output files pollute your working directory and you don't seem able to properly redirect them? I do. Being annoyed by constantly popping up of the udbg.cnf file in my otherwise very tidy working directory, I started digging. Below combination of steps will make it able to redirect your udbg.cnf file, for instance to a \cnf sub directory in your project directory.

  1. Point your IDF to an adm directory (before you point to any asn directory), for example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Uniface\Uniface 9.7.01\common\bin\idf.exe" /adm=.\adm /ini=.\adm\usys.ini /asn=.\adm\idf.asn ? (the /ini and /asn are already superfluous here, because of the /adm setting)
  2. Create a udbg.asn in the adm directory (Uniface 9.7 by default already has one, for 9.6 you have to create one), containing:  
    [SETTINGS] $language USA $search_resources   resources_only
    [RESOURCES] usys:udbg.uar usys:usys.uar
    [FILES] *.cnf                       .\cnf\*.cnf
    [DRIVER_SETTINGS] SEQ                        U1.0
    [PATHS] $DEF                      SEQ:||
  3. If you want to follow my example exactly, create a \cnf subdirectory in your project directory
  4. The debugger will 'pick up' the udbg.asn file in the \adm subdirectory because of the name (in analogy to an idf.asn file being 'picked up' because of the name).

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