Sybase DB upgrade from 12.5 to 15

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We are on U9.3.02.

We plan to upgrade our Sybase version 12.5 to version 15.

U9 requires SYB driver U4.0 for Sybase 12.5 and SYB driver U4.1 for Sybase 15.

I would like to know if anyone has performed such an upgrade, and if there are any tips, tricks, or issues that people have encountered that may be of help / concern?



  1. Hi,

    I migrated last year from 8.3.02 to 9.3.01 and at the same time from Sybase 12.5 to Sybase 15.0.3.
    The migration to Sybase 15 was very easy and I don't have any problems.
    The only things I did in Uniface 9.3 was to change the driver to U4.1

    There was a lot of work for migrating sybase (installation, modifying scripts and so on) but I can
    tell you that there really no problems within Uniface.

    Many luck

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  2. Hi, I run into an error while I was trying to upgrade from 8.4.04 to 9.5.1 with Sybase 15.5. The new 9.5.1 version seems to work with U4.0 but if I update the driver version to U4.1 then it fails with the error below: Unable to load usyb41; error 126 ('The specified module could not be found.') *** The DLL could not be loaded either in the USYSBIN directory or via the PATH variable. *** Check if its directory is in the correct place in the PATH variable. Current PATH shown below. Any thoughts? Thanks, Zoltan

    Author: ZoliZoli (
  3. Hi Zoltan To use U4.1 driver for Sybase 15 I need to set the following: In Path I add C:\sybase15\OCS-15_0\lib3p;C:\sybase15\OCS-15_0\dll;C:\sybase15\OCS-15_0\bin; and I also need the following two environment variables: SYBASE C:\sybase15 SYBASE_OCS OCS-15_0 At least patch E107 is needed. Most recent patch for Uniface 9.5 is E117. You can download it from Regards, Peter

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