Sybase 4.0 Driver vs Sybase 4.1 Driver

Author: (discooctopus)

Hi, We are upgrading our Sybase database from 12 to 15 Our Uniface version 9.3.2 The SYB driver for Sybase 12 is 4.0 The SYB driver for Sybase 15 is 4.1 My question is... When I execute the "Create Table Scripts" in Uniface, will the same SQL output be generated when I use the 4.1 driver as was generated for the 4.0 driver? Thanks


  1. Hi disco,

    the CreateTableScript is influenced by 

    - the mapping from Uniface to Database as documented with the driver

    - a cpuple of driver settings (like using CLOBS etc)

    so there may be a way to achieve similar results in both drivers.



    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. I see, But by default, are they different?

    Author: discooctopus (
  3. ... think this should be answered by some CPWR, if you need a relyable statement.

    left on my on deviced I am not even certain what would be see as "by default".


    P.S. while waiting ... what about a little test witch CTU and the different drivers?

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