Storing of SC* fields on MSSQL

Author: (istiller)


UnifAce does have SC* fields wich will be stored inTEXT fields on database (MS-SQL)


a) "Normal" fields which do not contain anything (string with zero lenght in UnifAce) will be stored as NULL values on database

b) Whereas SC* fields will be always stored as a NOT NULL value. Empty one (in UnifAce) become a string with length 0

c) Each (not NULL) TEXT field will at least occupy an extra page (2 KB) in the database


1) Are this statements right?

2) If yes, ist there any option to store empty strings (UnifAce) as NULL values on database?







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  1. I believe they are stored as null.

    You can (assuming your SQL server is 2005 or higher), reset them as varchar(max) fields.

    Author: Iain Sharp (