Sreach order for DLLs

Author: (istiller)

Hi freaks Does anyone know the "search order" of DLLs, defined in ASN-File and by signature? Following (two) constellation:   A C-Signature  "MYDLL_SIG" is defined in UnifAce with dll name "mydll" The ASN-Files contains to places, where the DLL is referered (okay, not good but it could happen) Case 1   [user_3gl]   \\server\path_a\mydll.dll   ;via include   [user_3gl]   \\server\path_b\mydll.dll Case 2   ;via include   [user_3gl]   \\server\path_b\mydll.dll   ;back in primary ASN   [user_3gl]   \\server\path_a\mydll.dll In the application shell execute trigger, there is a simple   debug   $01=""   newinstance "MYDLL_SIG",$01 Now I do monitor the access to the DLLs by procmon.   Case 1: Allways the DLL under path_a is loaded   Case 2: The startup of UnifAce loads from path_a but the newinstance is loading from path_b So why is there a difference? Does anyone know the logic behind this? Ingo PS: We did "correct" this one by modifing the ASN-files, but strange it is anyway :-)

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