Speed up Uniface Signature Editor

Author: i2stiller@gmx.de (istiller)

Hi Benjamin

Do you mean the "signature editor" or  "component integration"?

The "signature editor" on our installation is okay.
"Component intergration" is awful slow :-(




  1. Hi,

    I mean "signature editor". Luckily until now I had nothing to do with the "component integration" :-)


    greets Benjamin

    Author: BenjaminSchmidt (bschmidt@arz-emmendingen.de)
  2. And this signature editor is slow if ...?

    1) Open the summary

    2) Open a signature

    3) Store a signature?

    4) Compiling a signature?

    Author: istiller (i2stiller@gmx.de)
  3. Sorry,


    too unspecific.

    1. Open Summary is ok

    2. Seems like it´s only slow when I want to open a signature which is linked with an DLL

    Edit a opened signature linked with an dll is very slow too.

    3./4. Is ok, as long as it is not a signature like described above



    Do you use DLLs?

    greets Benjamin

    Author: BenjaminSchmidt (bschmidt@arz-emmendingen.de)
  4. looks like uniface creates a contact to the "implementation" (as for stored procedures where it contacts the database)

    during a compile of a stored procedure we encountered

    Error: Signature SSP_FRKUNTHST: Total implemented parameter count (=22) does not match total (=20) in generic signature.


    These external links may cause the delays.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  5. Hi Benjamin,

    the component integration fires a synchro job at first which may take a lot of time to complete.

    Unfortunately, CPWR has refused to give us a commandline option to start this job at night.

    The only way to speed it up:

    whenever you go for a coffee, start up the component integration to process the changes.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)