Signature for WORDBASIC of WORD COM failed

Author: (foster06)


I have a problem to access the WORDBASIC object present in WORD COM.

I have created the Operation WORDBASIC in the Signature WORD (my object to access Word.application) with 1 parameter out that is a Handle.

This handle is connected to Uniface signature WORD_WORDBASIC.

In the Visual Basic of Word, the WORDBASIC is defined as :

Property WordBasic As Object
    Read only
    Member of Word.Application

The compilation of the signature the signature WORD_WORDBASIC is OK, the compilation of the Operation WORDBASIC is OK.

But, when I try to access to the handle of WORDBASIC with





I have an error $status=-1, $procerror=-155 (An error occurred while creating an instance).

I don't understand why. The only différence with between WordBasic and Documents (for example) is that WordBasic is defined as Object in Visual Basic while Documents is defined as Documents.

Property Documents As Documents
    Read only
    Member of Word.Application

Someone could help me.



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