Signature error for Operating System Command osunix

Author: (lalitpct)


This is really a strange issue,

 There are two signature that we have defined as "Operating System Command (Default)" from (integratution->signature)
 The default paramater has been kept same(viz.. command & commandout)
 below are the two signature that we have created
 After that I generated URR and in the notepad I checked both the signature were present.
 When I put the changes in applcation , it get the signature only for uosunix & not for osunix
 below is the way we are using it , note everything is same for uosunix and osunix ,but gives error -50 only for osunix
 uosunix   :-  activate "uosunix".commandout("<query>",script_output)              -----------> works fine
  osunix   :-  activate "osunix".commandout("<query>",script_output)                -------------->gives -50 error

I think this might be uniface bug?

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