Setting Uniface value depending on Javascript function

Author: (jonb)

I'm a newbie to Uniface so my apologies if I should know this.... We are creating a DSP, then exporting the HTML and transforming it so that it can be displayed in several themes (e.g. a long table list on desktop, and a single occurrence for mobile). I have uniface proc code to retrieve a certain number of records and also to display page numbers (for the desktop), and Next/Prev buttons for mobile. My ideal situation would be to have a single control which would use a Uniface variable to determine if I need to read many or 1 occurrences and similarly a single control which would either create and support page numbers or create and support next/prev page controls. Is there any way in which Javascript code can call Uniface to configure these settings? I have looked at the Uniface documentation and not found anything which I can be sure of.   Happy to clarify this if it isn't clear enough. Thanks, Jon

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