Save GLYPH as Imagefile

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Hallo, we use a HTML-Grid-Widget to display dynamic Overviews in our Application. To include Glyphs in this overview it is nessasary to get them as BASE64 String. Is there a way to convert a .gly files from the UOBJ.DOL file to a BASE64 String or the original Imagefile? Or is there another way to get a glyph as image?   Thanks for help


  1. An "undocumented" way to unload Glyphs can be found here.

    Author: diseli (
  2. diseli said An "undocumented" way to unload Glyphs can be found here.

    Don't click on the 'Unload Glyph' URL, because this leads to a 404. Instead scroll down to the very bottom of the page that Daniel mentions.

    Author: Arjen van Vliet (
  3. Thanks for this hint. I tested iComp in debug mode an it work's, but in normal Mode not...

    retrieve/e "uglyph"<br /><br />setocc "uglyph", 1<br />forentity "uglyph"<br />  lv_glyph_name = $concat("C:\Temp\", udescr.uglyph)<br />  $97 = lv_glyph_name<br />  $98 = 7<br />  $99 = 197<br />  perform "icomp"<br />endfor
    The next problem about this methode is, our customers did not have the UGLYPH Entry.

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  4. The function icomp will only work when the module irtl.dll is loaded. The development environment (idf) is automatically using the mentioned module, but the runtime normally does not load it. You can force the irtl.dll to be loaded at startup when do a preload like this:

    [USER_3GL] irtl.dll/preload And it's correct that the function will only work when you have access to the sources of the glyph(s). So you would need to unload the glyphs to images in the development environment and then make the images accessible to the application. Hope this helps.

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