SOLVED: update a $valrep on a DSP

Author: (lammersma)

Hi all,   I need a bit of help with a problem I have.   On a DSP I want to update the $valrep of a dropdown. In the debugger I can see the $valrep gets a new value, but in the browser the old values is shown.

  1. On the first activate: $valrep of the dropdown is filled with an associative list. 
  2. When I push a button in the detail trigger a new associative list is build
  3. the dropdown receives the new list as an $valrep
  4. as mentioned the debugger shows the correct $valrep, but in the browser the old list is shown...

In the SetState contains the default coding. I tried to put the webdefinitions statement in the update part of the selectcase in that trigger. But that does not change anything in the client behavoir.   Kind regard,   Peter


  1. Hello Peter, for performance reason, $valrep list is send only once, at the initialization of the DSP, to the browser. if you need to change the list at runtime, use $fieldvalrep instead.   Hope this help, Philippe

    Author: Philippe (
  2. Hi Philippe, Thanks for your answer. You solved my problem. Kind regards, Peter

    Author: lammersma (