RESTful webservices

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Can you create a RESTful webservice with Uniface 9.4?



  1. Yes. Certainly simple ones.
    I do a lot of them, like Google Static Maps API etc.
    I implemented this not in Uniface Webservices but in Uniface HTTP requests instead.

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  2. have I picked it up right:

    It's not about connecting to external RESTful webservices

    but you want to implement RESTful webservices with the means of uniface 9.4 (like you would do it with java etc.)?


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  3. Yes, you are correct. I want to implement a RESTful webservice using Uniface 9.4 Is this possible?

    Author: danieto (
  4. Yes it is absolutely possible to build RESTful webservices in Uniface. CollegeNET has been doing this formally since 2006, initially on v8, but migrated to v9.4 when it was released. Uniface understands the four main http methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE), but you have to use the querystring to pass parameters rather than some REST naming structures that have them built into the main url. Each REST service is a static server page and you manipulate $webinfo() directly and don't use skeleton files. In the XML that we expose we do include the standard Uniface disconnected recordset attributes (id, crc, status). Andy

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  5. Hello all, Could one basic example of delivering RESTful webservice with Uniface 9.x including the 4 basic CRUD operations for a very simple table (CODE NUMBER PK, DESCRIPTION STRING, CREATIONDATE DATE) be shared? Thanks! Gianni ********** Addendum: Later on I've found this page from Theo explaining the basic structure of a restful webservice with Uniface: Thanks Theo!

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