Problem with Label transparency in Uniface 9.4.1

Author: (pari_shelar)


We have migrated the application from Uniface 9.2.3 to 9.4.1 (Patch 0103).

While testing the migrated application, we noticed that the value of transparency (physical property of Label) is set to “YES”.( more than 500 forms ) and .ini file setting is
With the same setting in Uniface 9.2.3, we were getting solid label background, but after migration we are getting transparent label background.We have painted the labels on area frame (with border), so in transparent mode, it looks like strike mode (e.g. ABCD).  There are more than 500 forms which are facing same problem.

I want to change this behavior to display the label as solid (NON-transparent). Is there any way to do this without lot of efforts?


Thanks in advance.





  1. Hi Parikshit

    What about a little form with UCFIELD and/or UXFIELD painted on it?

    The field WIDGETCREATE containing the itemlist with properties of the field.

    To return to default behavior schon delete the item in question:


    With a little bit of proccode you can loop through the field in the model.

    regards, Ingo



    Author: istiller (
  2. Hi Ingo,

    Thanks for reply.

    In our application, labels are defined at form level, did not define at Model level (at the time of creating the fields). So, those labels will be not found in UCFIELD and/or UXFIELD tables.
    I think this solution won’t work.



    Author: pari_shelar (
  3. Hi Parikshit,

    then it is a task for modifying the FORMPIC information.

    If you (or one of our other clever guys and dolls) can identify the location in the XML export file
    it should be changed with some kind of XML tool (or even a standard editor).

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  4. Hi Parikshit,

    if the behavior differs after the upgrade,

    it's worth to have a word with your technical uniface support.

    Perhaps a small adjustment in your .ini file can solve the misbehaving (or a patch).

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (