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Hi all, The printer device tables are giving me some grief; I've got a requiement to print on stationary that's 17 inches wide and 4 inches high/deep. In the device table, I've defined mode_0(199,23) - 199 columns, 23 lines deep. Fair enough - but, using printman under Windows seems to blow the device table out the window (pardon the pun). Page size is always set to 8.5 x 11 inches - no matter what I throw at it. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong - could someone out there pls give me a hint?? KnutConfused


  1. Hi Knut, IIRC, the problem is in the PRINTMAN which has his own type of converting the uniface generated virtual printer  to the paper used. So you have to set the paper size loaded for this printer outside of uniface in the printman dialog as printer properties (or so). Sometimes, it needs to set the bottom limit, so uniface "jumps" over the paper folding rather then adding empty lines.   Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany, Uli You may want to google for "debbra Mullen uniface printing" to find her contributions on the listserver. The most prominent is there the standard uniface printing bible at

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  2. Solved. Thank you Uli. It was a combination of Windows and Uniface issue. I had to create a 'custom sized 'paper' for the printer. The trick was to use the 'custom sized paper' in the print setup / mapping from within Uniface - it didn't suffice to set it for the printer itself. Luckily for me I'm only talking 1/2 dozen pc's - and not 4,500+ (think registry settings).... Knut

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  3. Hi Knut, as it looks like, Uniface always take the default printer at the time uniface was started. So one option is to start your printing job inside a batch where a powershell macro is used to set the standard printer to the one with your special paper definition and reset the previous standard finally. This way one doesn't have to adjust the paper in the uniface print dialog. And (IIRC) you can use a powershell macro to install a local printer with the new paper size inside the windows operating system. So it may be just an extension with a couple of spawns to prepare any PC to do the job. Greetings from Frankfurt/Germay, Uli

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