Printing of a document with PDF417 font via Web App

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All, I've got a current system where a pdf file is produced - containing an OCX which produces the PDF417 embedded font.... Of course, the OCX needs a 'show' or 'edit' to work - and that doesn't quite work for WAS.... So, does anyone have any ideas (I am looking at some 3gl solutions but was hoping there might be a better way)? Cheers, Knut


  1. The show or edit command instantiates the OCX. You may be able to get away with using the newinstance command to instantiate the signature associate with the OCX, as long as the OCX itself has no display requirement. variables handle v_handle endvariables newinstance "OCXSIG", v_handle v_handle->Operation as opposed to using $ocxhandle.

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  2. Unfortunately, as soon as the print command goes, uf tries to load ugui.dll - and then throws a -400. Running the same component from Windows is fine - so I'm pretty confident it's the OCX that's the culprit.... Hence I'm looking for alternatives... The way it's looking at the moment; Grab a 3gl (DLL) and send it the string I'd like to encode - a BMP/IMG is created on disk. Load the BMP/IMG into the component and 'print' to pdf file output Unless there's a better solution out there? Knut

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  3. Hi,as for me, I am testing the related pdf417 reading these days. But first i need to produce the PDF417 embedded font.Who can tell me how to use OCX to do this.I am totally a green hand on this field. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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