Print-out with Unicode font

Author: (apicaud)

After a migration from U8.4.06 to U9.3.02 out print-out are too small.

The differences are in the ini file because we need font Unicode.

In previous version font0 = Courrier.
Now we use font0=Arial Unicode MS
All print-out are too small because now, the entire size of the page is not used.

The font Courrier is not Unicode and can me used.

Have you some ideas ?


  1. As far as I remember:

    font0 is the "Canvas font". It defines the screen geometry (and print geometry) within a uniface application. A smaller font results into smaller uniface "cells"

    and  A bigger font --> bigger uniface cells. I think the cell size is calculated out of the "M" of the font, which is in "font0".

    I currently don't know, where font0 is used else in an uniface application. I would guess in UNIFIELDS...

    Three possibilities:

    - Try to leave font0 in COURIER NEW  (should cause no major problems, except possibly in unifields and where you assigned font0 directly in the asn-File or the application)

    - Play around with the Size of Arial Unicode MS within font0  (as above: a bit bigger number)

    - Try to find a font which is Unicode and similar to Courier New.

    Attention: Customer needs to have the font also intalled on his machines...

    NB: There are two sections in the ini File:  [screen] and [printer]. I would guess for your case: Take a closer look to font0 within the [printer] Section.


    Author: gypsilon (
  2. Thanks of our answer.

    I set in the ini file the same font of U8 and now the print-out are correct. Also, my application in Chinese simplified seem correct.
    Regards, Antoine

    Author: apicaud (