Print to pdf doesnt work in background

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i have a job on the windowsserver to create a report.

Instead of printing immediatly to the printer i want to create a PDF-file.

We have installed pdf-creator 1.4.1 on the windows server.

The job to make the file is submitted with fire-deamon.

Problem: The program doesn't create the PDF.

When i start upuniface on the server and run the form it runs well, and the pdf is put in the correct directory.

Annybody has a clue what the problem might be?





  1. perhaps the pdf-creator you called does not run without console option (in a daemon) ?

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Hi ulrich,

    thank you for the reply.

    Is there a way to see if the pdf-creator can run without console?

    We run pdf-creator 1.4.1 on the windows server.

    Do you know a PDF-creator that can run without console?

    Best regards,



    Author: anne_vw (
  3. Hi Anne,

    it's just some speculation drawn from experiences some 15 years ago with another product.

    As long as we run it straight from uniface in dialog mode, it works as expected.

    When it was put in a user-independend background process (no console/no keyboard) it failed.

    Think they solved it by starting a user-related process to do the conversion rather than a background one.


    So if you can modify the fire-daemon line ??


    Sorry, no notes on that any more, just the bits kept in a nearly 60yrs old brain.

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  4. Hi Ulrich,


    thank you, did some further search and the pdf we use should work without console.

    I keep on looking.


    Best regards,


    Author: anne_vw (
  5. Hi,


    are you sure, that you uniface process is working correct (maybe some proc-profiling).

    Do you get any error-msg or just hang?

    One we had the problem, that an update msg from pdf-printer occurs (msg: there is a new version, do you want to update)

    We disable this msg and then it works, but I am not sure, if it was pdf-creator or pdf-printer.

    Best regards



    P.S. other point can be: do you use logical printer (registry?) or do you use default printer (is it set?)

    Author: Thomas.Young (
  6. Hi Anne,

    thanks for this additional info; is it OK if i put it to or will you do it?

    Perhaps you can use the following tip:
    uniface creates the name of the output file from the $formtitle information,
    so we use to add in our report a line like:
    $formtitle = "%%customerId%%%-%%InvoiceNo%%%"

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    An: "'Ulrich Merkel'" <>
    Betreff: RE: PDF-Creator

    Hi Ulrich,


    You mentioned console so i went looking on that one.

    I noticed that the pdf we use has the functionality to run in batch

    Then i went to the installation directory of PDF (I didn’t do the installation myself)


    Here I found an application PDFCreator

    I started this up

    In the menu via printer I started options

    There was under program the choice Auto-save

    This opens a screen with parameters for the autosave function

    I filled them in and then it worked.


    Now I’m going to try that I can give this option as file-name and path as a parameter via Uniface to the pdf-creator.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  7. If you use redmon-pdf printer , it is possible to act as inactive-printer with asking for filename and as non-interactive printer, which reads the pdf-filename from a parameter-file.( c:\tmp\pcb_pdf.par) 


    Printer definitions for : noninteractive printer ( it should be possible with ghostscript version 9 )

    printerport definition:   C:\Programme\gstools\gs8.00\bin\gswin32c.exe

    printerport argument :

    @c:\tmp\pcb_pdf.par -IC:\Programme\gstools\gs8.00\lib;c:\programme\gstools\fonts -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dPDFSETTINGS=/screen -dNOPAUSE -dSAFER -dBATCH -r720 -c save pop .setpdfwrite -f -

    Author: hlue (
  8. Install Redmond PDF ( is working with Version 9 too),  the filename will be loaded from the file c:\tmp\pcb_pdf.par ( filedump).

    Complete argument for the gswin32c.exe :

    @c:\tmp\pcb_pdf.par -IC:\Programme\gstools\gs8.00\lib;c:\programme\gstools\fonts -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dPDFSETTINGS=/screen -dNOPAUSE -dSAFER -dBATCH -r720 -c save pop .setpdfwrite -f -

    Author: hlue (