Print to PDF on a windows server

Author: (anne_vw)

Hi, On a windows 8 server i have a job running that creates every hour a report via the PDFCreator. When i'm logged in at the server and the job is running everything goes as expected. As soon as i log out the program is still running but the PDFCreator doesn't work anymore so no report is created. We tmade a service for de PDFCreator but we can't get this service running. How can i create a nice PDF out of uniface on a server? Thanks Anne


  1. Hi anne, I think we had this issue on before somewhere. if I remember it well, the key is that the PDF creator requires some "keyboard and screen".

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  2. Hi Ulrich, thank you. I search on the forum but didn't found anything about it. Have to find another solution then. Thanks, Anne

    Author: anne_vw (
  3. Hi anne, I just scanned this forum but the topic I had in mind was originated by yourself in summer last year. Just googled a bit "pdf creator" as service and found some perhaps promising hints: PDF Creator als Dienst (Service) and a HIH, Uli

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  4. Hi Anne, I use PDF Creator since version 1.2 (now at 1.6.1) and have no problems to make it works like a service on a windows server. Which version are you on?

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  5. Hi, Anne. I think you should add another web server for your PDF creater specially. Only in this way when you log out the program but still keep the PDFCreator running. It will work to report as created. Btw, what kind of pdf creater are you using? I want to find a PDF creater whose way of processing is simple and fast these days. One of my friends recommeded this one to me, do you have any tips? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. And I hope you good luck. Best regards, Arron

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