Print job model column resizing

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At times I need to take output of search in a notepad , but I am unable to define the length of column that can be printed
In IDF Goto>>Administrtation>>global  updates>>component entities then I search  columns with some condition.
after getting the data i try to print it to get it in notepad as shown below

On screen which retrieved data above , I goto printer>>print>select printer mode as all and print job model as "PRINTER"
Then print on screen.

A note pad is opened with below data , where entity and name column got merged and is difficult to identify.

 Type Component       Model           Entity                                 Name
                                                           TRANSACTIONS              CCY

Expected output
Type Component       Model          Entity                                                                       Name


Is there any way to define the column size so that i dont have to do it manually ??

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  1. Hi Lalit,

    you are just using an inapproriate way, because of the nature of  printed output.

    This causes layout and field expansion which is not what YOU want.

    Just give it a try with filedump and $concat with TABs as separator  (to get some CSV file) and use EXCEL as a viewer

    OR paint the fields that it fits the maximum length (which does not really work in production)

    Author: ulrich-merkel (