Popup Windows

Author: kurzster@gmail.com (Daniel_Kurz)

Hey Everyone, If you activate it with the parameter "windowtype=popup", the "Popup" will have the default value "autoclose=true". From the Uniface 9.6. Help: Auto Close - Determines whether a popup window is automatically closed when it loses input focus. The issue that I that i discovered is, that you can't use anything like Detail-Buttons in a "Popup-Window", since the popup-Form will lose focus and fire the quit trigger right away. Also Message/info "Hello World" in a "Popup" leads to a straight away quit of the form. So if you want to use autoclose, but for example have a check routine on the data in your window which posts a message/info or something similar, you will have no chance on returning to the data you just check, since it fires quit straight away. This is just a heads up on whats possible with the new window type and its limitations if the parameter "autoclose=true" is set. ... btw: debugging a popup form will catapult you out of the popup aswell ... Thoughts? Confused DanielK

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