Author: mps59@orange.fr (mpservices)

Hi currently using pdfcreator 2.5 with the com interface ,  but one of my client is moving to tse and for organization choices, wanted to have several independant tse server instead of a big one,  but with pdfcreator this choice costs a fortune (price for each server and yearly). so I need to stay in version 1.7.x, but I got some problems of processes hanging up sometimes Do you know a equivalent  tool  running on TSE with com interface with  correct price  in that configuration Thanks for reply Dominique


  1. Hi Dominique We used to work with PdfCreator in the past but not with COM. We only used it by printing on the pdf printer associated to PdfCreator. We manage our reports with Microsoft Word. So we now use the internal Word functionnality EXPORTASFIXEDFORMAT to save in pdf format. This functionality is available since Office 2007. Nicolas

    Author: ncolmart (ncolmart@medinfo.fr)
  2. Thanks Nicolas But I need to create pdf files automatically to send by mail without any user interaction and I don't want to use office functionnalities

    Author: mpservices (mps59@orange.fr)
  3. Hey Dominique, I periodically had problems with PDF Creator and COM. Does your problem involve Adobe Acrobat opening and remaining open during the process (thus not allowing PDF Creator to finish)?   Larry

    Author: adkinsl (adkins.larry@gmail.com)
  4. Hi Larry http://unifaceinfo.com/forum/bugsnerrors/pdfcreator-hangs-up/   did'nt check at that time if would have been linked to Adobe solved with 2.5  but  currently still running version 1.7  under TSE   Dominique

    Author: mpservices (mps59@orange.fr)