PDF Printing from Uniface

Author: ewan.bauld@yodel.co.uk (EwanBd)

Does anyone know how to print PDF files from uniface? The PDF files we are attempting to print have been previously created using a call to a webservice. We have found one solution which uses ghost script but this opens an unsightly dos box and prevents the user from doing anything else in the app. What we really need as a call out to some sort of background service. Any help would be most welcome.


  1. Hi try this link, I used it and works fine.no generation of new signature needed when pdf creator got new version.I begin from version 1.2 now it's 1.7, no problem Best regards

    Author: mpservices (mps59@orange.fr)
  2. Embarassed better with link http://users.skynet.be/unifans/Pdfcreator.html

    Author: mpservices (mps59@orange.fr)

  3. Author: mpservices (mps59@orange.fr)