Order of CLEANUP if using SOAP-services

Author: i2stiller@gmx.de (istiller)

Hi freaks Writting SOAP-services I run into a "little" problem: In which order will UnifAce destroy instances? A SOAP service itself will be initiated on call a operation by UnifAce and be destroyed after leaving the operation. All other (non attached) instances will be stay alive until the UROUTER/USERVICE will be stopped. As we create a "heavy" environment when start up the SOAP-service at first time, I don't want to destroy this environment every time the SOAP-service returned to the caller This I can handle without a problem, BUT ... Confused But if the UROUTER stops the USERVICE, Uniface will delete all open instances in a random order. No changes to shutdown the envirnment in a proper way Frown Is there a solution to fire a CLEANUP-ahead before the instances will be destroyed and/or can sepcify a order of this deletes? TIA Ingo

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