Number of occurrences visibles by form is fixed at the developpment phase

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Hi all As far as we know, The number of records painted in a form is fixed at the moment when we develop a new form. Our problem is taht our users have different sizes of screen. If we paint too many records in our forms , the application has really a bad aspect on small screens. So we have to reduce the number of records and it's a pitty form the users who have big screens... Anyone would have an idea how to change dynamicly this number of rows visible by form ? Many thanks in advance Daniel


  1. Hi Daniel, what about using a grid widget with an "attached to window borders"? AFAIK, this is the only one which can adjust the number of occurences. If you want to fill only a part of the screen, you can use splitbars to limit the area. Greetings from a wet Frankfurt/Germany morning, Uli

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  2. Another option is to create some variations (included proc are pretty helpful) of the form (xxx_small, xxx_medium, xxx_large) with different numbers of occurences painted . Activate "the best fit" depending on the size of the application window or depending on some $logical so the user can decide what he wants to see. And there are a lot of other options I came across in my 25 uniface years on that matter, Uli

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  3. Thank you Uli for your answers. For reasons of maintenance ,of courser We would prefer no to duplicate the forms in several versions. In another way, we use $paintedfieldproperties to setup the aspect of our forms, ... so splitbars doesn't work. I am afraid not to have a solution without big efforts of development ... Cry Thank you an anyway  Daniel

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  4. Hi Daniel, maintenance of a group of similar forms is easy if you outsource all the code in #include Procs. So all the coding is done once and used many times.

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  5. With the "new" attach properties that we have added over time (hmove, vmove, hsize, vsize), you often can use these instead of $paintedfieldproperties. If that is possible in your case, then you can use an attached grid, with or without splitterbars. If that is feasable for you, you need much less code and have much easier maintenance.

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  6. If only those attach properties could be set in the widget properties, the world would be a good and happy place(ish)

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  7. My Lecture on modernization covers the things that Theo mentions (on YouTube and on SlideShare)

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  8. I agree Iain Sharp!

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  9. We're facing this problem for ages. In forms, where this is vital we use the Grid widget. Its performance was a nightmare compared to the classic multi-occ forms but.... it depends on priorities. Now, with Uniface 9.7 + I-dont-known-exact-patch, the Grid is much much better (it does not complete hitlist and fetche all data again and again), so as for now it's worth trying it (you just need Uniface 9.7+G404 for example).

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