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I am migrating the uniface application from version 8.4 to 9.4

I want to migrate this application as a read only. After the migration, the user can only view the application.

I want to disable all the operation/calculation/functions etc.

Is it possible to do by changing the settings in asn file?

What is the simple method to view the application in read only mode?

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  1. AFAIK, there is no global switch for that.


    You can set all the forms to "limited",

    Or you can add $editmode=1 to all your exec triggers.  ( or INIT operations if you do not use RUN to stuart forms)

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  2. Hi,

    of course there can't be a global switch. I depends on a lot of things.

    How is your application designed, what is your understanding of "viewable only", exists process which don't change data, how you will deal with error-handling?

    Well some other ideas are:

    a) set all fields to DIM or NED with an own repository form

    b) export all source and replace every store by ; store

    c) maybe set grand on your database (only to select)

    But best is, first to described exatcly what you want and verify some exceptions.

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  3. I agree with Thomas: what do you REALLY want ??


    If you want to have a showcase what the new application will look like,


    I recommend just to migrate the application and produce a screencast as a demo what it looks like.


    To cut away all the proc code will not help.

    Just to change WRITE/DELETE/WRITE UP/DELETE UP/ERASE to ";" may help.

    But not 100% if you use SQL directly in your application or similar things like Stored Packages activated as Signatures

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  4. Hello,

    There also an other possibility for example if you use Oracle as database. You can create a new user an give him only grant select. Then you can modify your asn file to specify to use this use to access to your database and you will be in read only mode without modifiction in your code.

    Best regards.

    Félix HAZIZA

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