Need quick answer on editbox text limit

Author: (Sven_Hedqvist)

We are in a hurry for our next delivery and need an answer very quickly on this issue. If you read in Ulibrary on how many kB an editbox can hold and show you see that it is limited to <64kB. Our practial tests though show that you can put more than that size into an editbox and print it. What is the status of this limit? Is it valid or not? Is there a real limit to editboxes? Best regards / Sven Hedqvist, Ume?, Sweden


  1. On a C* field the editbox widget calls the following code


    Edit_LimitText(m_hwnd, MAX_LIMITTEXT);

     MAX_LIMITTEXT is defined a 10MB.

     Hope this answers your question,

     Jasper de Keijzer


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  2. I see, well 10mb is quite a lot mor than 64k. Thank you for the answer! The entry about 64k in Ulibrary will change right? /Sven

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