Need help with multiline editbox in grid

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I am using a grid to display a result. Some of the rows in the grid will have additional information in them, and som will not. The information is quite long so I want an editbox so show the text using multiline. That does not seem to work though. Regardless of the size I use for the field or the size of the occurence I only get one line shown for the editbox. Below is an example of how it looks:

The text in the far right editbox reads "This i an error message that is quite long. I would like it to be displayed in the field using multiline." but as you can see, only the first line is shown.

Anyone know what to do?

One thing I tried was having a button instead of an editbox and make is show up only if additional information was present, but it seems you cannot use normal $fieldsyntax operations on the button with much success. Neither HID or DIM works.

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  1. If you provide row headers (in grid widget settings) the user can drag the box deep enough to read the text (or zoom will work).

    The grid widget will not auto adjust the depth to fit the data, nor can you adjust it in proc, the only way is manually.

    I can't remember if the 'show ellipses' setting on the field works for grid widget edit boxes, but that might give the user a clue to expand the data.

    Re hiding or dimming buttons, we have used image instead of button, where you can set the image to null to 'hide' the button and to the relevant glyph to 'display' the button, the down side is that the users must double click to fire detail.

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  2. Use a tooltip ?

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  3. Hi All ,

    Similar to these issue ,  I imported a code from 8.4 to 9.4 however , the grid in 9.4 seems to be showing different behaviour.

    I have put the image at below location . it shows that grid with numbering in 8.4 but not in 9.4 .

    I checked widget properties in the entity and it has row numbering ticket .

    Is  there any otherthing that needs to be changed ??



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