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 Hi. Currently i am working with the monthcalendar widget, but i got an issue. Unlike the Windows calendar, which changes the internal date value using the year/month selector utility, uniface does not. You must "click" manually into the day... I have not found any trigger  that do the trick. the year/month selector do not trigger the start modification/value change triggers.   IE. I have selected 12/01/2016 and afterwards;  I use the year/month selector, because i want to select 11/01/2015. The widget shows 11/01/2015, but the internal value is still 12/01/2016.   EDIT. The keyboard navigation does not work either. Value does not change   Any ideas?   Thanks in advance,   Sergio.


  1. No clue?

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  2. Hi, I have the same problem. To me it's not yet that important, but it's for sure confusing for the user. I have put an editbox beside the widget and in the "ValueChanged"-trigger of the calendar an assignment    "dummyDate.dummy=MyCalendar.dummy". Then the user sees the value of the calendar  in the EditBox and understands to click it. A bad solution! Regards RogerW.

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  3. Hi, At the moment the following is documented: > Uniface Reference > Widgets: Forms and Reports >Month Calendar

    The user can enter a date by selecting it [in] the control:

    • To select the year, click the header. This activates a spin button to select the year
    • To select the month, click the header. This activates a drop-down list of months.
    • To select the day, click the date in the calendar

    It is possible to navigate through the Month Calendar with the cursor keys, but it currently is not possible to select a date with keyboard. Sorry. This functionality would of course be useful and you could create a new wish for this ( Hope this helps. Regards, Daniel Iseli Uniface Technical Support

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  4. Yes i know is documented. You must click. But user do not understand why after select a month/year/navigate between days with cursors, the screen shows a calendar with a highlighted date that is not really the selected date for uniface. Is not an acceptable behavior. Regards, Sergio

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