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Hi Unifacers, Noob question: how to get rid of that central square with "Select a date." message when using a Month Calendar? It is generated from a message having code 4800: if I define such message in another language is shown as expected... It is staying there in the middle of the form also after having moved cursor or typed something... Is this the functionality expected on U9.6.04? <Confused> :-( ... Gianni


  1. Hi all, I am replying to myself: - when passing a NULL value as date input param the square with the help phrase is shown - when passing a real date value the square is NOT shown and the calendar is positioned on the related month IMHO when the help square is shown it should be hidden as soon as end user is doing some action on the calendar (moving with cursor, moving between month, ...). Gianni

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  2. Hi Gianni, Thanks for your findings. The "Select a date" message will appear as long as the field has no value. Moving through the days with the cursor or moving between months will not change the field value. This can only by achieved by clicking a date in the calendar. That's also what the doc says (see Uniface Reference > Widgets: Forms and Reports > Month Calendar): "If the field value is empty, the widget shows the current date at the bottom of the widget, but also displays a message to Select a date. The user can enter a date by selecting it in the control: * To select the year, click the header. This activates a spin button to select the year. * To select the month, click the header. This activates a drop-down list of months. * To select the day, click the date in the calendar" Not sure why it was chosen to do it like this. But that's the way it currently is. Sorry. If you want to get rid of the message then it's best to always initialize the field with a value (e.g. $date). But you already know this. Hope this helps. Daniel

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