Mobile App Startup Shell Properties

Author: (bioalexy)

Hi, Is there a way to access from the proc code my startup mobile properties, like the APP_NAME or APP_ID?


  1. APP_NAME can be accessed using $applname

    Author: luis.vila (
  2. $applname returns "userver" not the name of my startup shell 

    Author: bioalexy (
  3. It's true. My mistake. It returns startup shell name. In server it returns the name of startup shell ('userver' by default). But you can build your own and deploy them in the server.    In the device, possibly using javascript (maybe with App Version plugin?).

    Author: luis.vila (
  4. At the moment the Mobile Shell Properties are only used as parameters for building your application. They are not built into the application.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (