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As all we know UDE based all visual component development (screens & reports) on a basic cell size called "canvas font". As of Uniface 9.7.02 canvas fonts defined into usys.ini are: [screen] font0=Courier New,Central European,9,regular [printer] font0=Courier New,Central European,10 During Uniface consultancy sessions it happened to me to help to implement a specific .INI file to deliver an existing application to support a person with low vision capabilities; we quickly delivered an existing application on a large monitor (32") in minutes! On the other side it (often) happened the discussion going in the opposite direction to support a better usage of pixel based devices from a business application. IMHO the minimum size for a basic cell should/could be: [screen] font0=Courier New,Central European,5,regular [printer] font0=Courier New,Central European,5 In this way fields, labels and entities frame could be designed twice its (regular) size...while the rest of the USYS configuration remain (almost) unchanged. I am interested to know if anyone in the Uniface world has implemented real production application reducing the (original) size of canvas fonts. Thanks in advance for any answer. Gianni

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  1. Hi Gianni Just tried 1 pixel for canavs fonts: It looks "awful" but work :-) Smallest pixel I know on customer site is 8 pixel. Ingo

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