Migration from 9.6.04 to 9.6.07

Author: giachino@finaosta.com (Paolo Giachino)

Hi all to migrate from 9.6.04 to 9.6.07 is mandatory to create a new repository on 9.6.07 and import all (i.e. components, signatures, ...) from 9.6.04 or I can only re-compile all on IDF 9.6.07? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance Best regards Paolo


  1. Hi Paolo, as for "migration" from 9.6.04 to 9.6.07 we *do not* create a new repository. Just install the patch (servicepack) and recompile everything. We do this for ages and I can't remember of any problem so far. If the first or second number of Uniface version changes we *do* create a new repository. That is "migration" from 9.5.01 to 9.6.02 we do this. I do not know if this is mandatory, but we do it for other purposes.

    Author: sochaz (zdenek.socha@fullsys.cz)
  2. Hi Paolo, I can only agree with sochaz. When you upgrade from one maintenance release version (e.g. from version 9.6.04 to 9.6.07) then it is not necessary to create a new repository. And recompiling is not really necessary, but it does not harm. When you go from one maintenance release version to another then recompilation should not be required, unless specifically stated. One exception to the rule is when you upgrade from Uniface version 9.6.01 to a higher maintenance release (i.e. >= 9.6.02). In this scenario a recompile is a must - otherwise you'll get a runtime error about incompatible component versions. And as an FYI: when upgrading from one minor release version to another (e.g. from version 9.5 to 9.6) then it is also not strictly necessary to create a new repository - recompilation however is mandatory. But in case you need to maintain two code lines of your application (e.g. one running with 9.5 and one with 9.6) then it is better to have two separate repositories. And when upgrading from one major release version to another (e.g. from Unfiace 8 to 9) then a new repository is mandatory. Hope this helps. Daniel

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)