Make URR take more time

Author: (Marco)

Hi, we are migrating our application from 8.4 to 9.4. I noticed that the creation of URR in 9.4 take more time (few minute) than in 8.4 (few second). There is some setting that I must set to increase speed? Marco


  1. Is your URR located on a fileserver ???

    Read all the other issues here on that matter:

    Storing URR/DOL locally seems to cure this.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Thank for your response.

    I make URR and DOL locally, but I use idf (runtime, asn, ini) site on remote server, maybe this the problem?




    Author: Marco (
  3. Might be a virus scanner. Can you try it without?

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  4. I will try without the virus scanner, but I hope that this is not a problem because all windows pc have a virus scanner :)

    My configuration is

    • server
      • runtime
      • project
      • asn
      • ini
    • client
      • dol
      • urr

    On my client I have a link like this:

    \\server\runtime\common\bin\idf.exe /asn=\\server\asn\file.asn /ini=\\server\ini\file.ini ?

    and the start folder is


    On the asn and ini files all references are remotly (like \\server\.....) only del dol and urr files are redirect on local folder like


    uobj.dol             c:\temp\uobj.dol

    udesc.urr          c:\temp\udesc.urr


    Uniface 8 have the same configuration.

    Uniface 8 take 15 seconds to create a urr file, Uniface 9 take 5 minutes to make the same file.


    Therefore why uniface 8 on the same machine, same software, same configuration haven't the problem?

    Any other suggestions?



    Author: Marco (
  5. in contrast to Uniface 8, DOL and URR are zipped in U9.

    Creating these files seem to take a very long time, as do the start of uniface applications.


    P.S: because member-infos are removed since a couple of weeks on this info,

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  6. Hi Uli,

    if the DOL and URR files are zipped, why have the same size in Uniface 8?

    The zip option are implicit or I must to set any settings?




    Author: Marco (
  7. Hi Marco,

    AFAIK, you have no choice about zipping,

    But perhaps you can get more info about that from your local CPWR contact

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  8. Sorry to be so vague,but:
    A very long time ago the was a bug where you needed write permissions for a certain directory or else Uniface was slow.
    Even when you were not writing there.
    I am not Support so do not have the details, maybe somebody on the forum knows.

    Could this be related?
    What OS is the PC running?
    Can you run Uniface with admin rights?

    But I think your best bet is to log a call with Uniface Support.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  9. Thank's to all. The SO is wxp logging in with local administrator user. Uniface is 9.04.01 with r117 patch installed. We have contacted directly Compuware. Compuware simply said that now the time is that because the file is zipped. Marco

    Author: Marco (