Length of precompiler constant names

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

as I have not found a hint in the documentation (so far): What is the maximum (netto) length for thisismyverylongname in the statement: #define thisismyverylongname I say netto because this name may be composed like: #define <$componentname>_<$entname>_<$modelname>_<$fieldname>_thisIsAFullQualifiedPrecompilerConstant which at the end would result in a 67 character name: #define myForm_myEntity1_DUMMY_PK1_thisIsAFullQualifiedPrecompilerConstant BTW: is there a limit on "nested" precompiler constants like: message "there is some value: <<$componentname>_<$entname>_<$modelname>_<$fieldname>_thisIsAFullQualifiedPrecompilerConstant>" Greetings from Frankfurt/Germay, Uli

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