Interface between MS Word and Uniface 9.4.01

Author: (foster06)

Hello all,


I have a new problem interfacing MS Word and Uniface.

I'am using Uniface 9.4.01 (with patch R110). I have a interface with MS Word using

 perform "OAcreateApp"

perform "OAexecMuti"

perform "OAInvoke"

For insert a text at a bookmark, after positionning to the bookmarck, I use the following code :



$12 = $WORD_APP$


$14 = ""perform "OAExecMulti"

When the variable TXT_REMPLACE contains ASCII characters, the text is correctly inserted in the Word document.

But when the variable TXT_REMPLACE contains Thai characters (utf8 in Uniface), the text is not inserted in the Word document.

could you help me ?

Do you think that I need to used a 'W' for wide char like this :

$13 = "Pg·;Selection·;M·;TypeText·;1·;W·;%%TXT_REMPLACE"

Uniface provides no documentation about this interface, and I didn't find any documentation in the Uniface site.

Thanks for tou help.


  1. OLE Automation has been deprecated a long time ago, so there is no documentation about it in Uniface 9.4.
    It is all done with signatures now.

    There should be a .pdf file on OLE Automation somewhere in you Uniface 7 installation.
    I'm not in the office now, so I can't send you a copy of the PDF, but I am sure that somebody in this forum will.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  2. HI foster06,

    OLE Automation (and DDE) are very old implementations (made in germany).

    They support only datatypes known in 199x (so adding a "W" will not help you).

    As Theo stated, using then Winword signatures may be the better way (or WinWord as an OCX widget);
    I do not think CPWR will surprise us with an updated implementation of the outdated OLE Automation.


    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  3. Hi, i send you the documentation that i have, i hope it helps you.



    Author: uniface8 (
  4. Thanks you very much for yours replies and documentation.

    Now, I well understand that I can't postpone one more time the update of my software using signatures instead of OLE automation.

    So can you help me again. I never do a signature with WINWORD component and I don't know how to do this.

    Just a little example on how to open a document on WOrd using signature.

    Thanks a lot.


    Author: foster06 (