Interaction between U8 and U9 urouter

Author: (lammersma)

Hi there,

THis might seem a strange question, but is it possible for Uniface 8 to communicatie with a URouter of U9? And from Uniface 9 to URouter 8? Before I try it myself, I was wondering if anyone tried it already.

Why we want this? We want to migrate a part of our applications to Uniface 9. We are not looking forward to double mantainance on global component. If it was only possible to activate these on a URouter  version 8, this might help us a lot.

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  1. Hi Peter,

    funny ... i was just wondering the same as i struggle with the WRD2241 (U9.x) ... :)

    But to answer the question you could give the U8.x WRD2226 a try (look at the setup in TOMCAT! not quite sure where exactly it lurks, but maybe web-inf -> web.xml). Restart Tomcat and look what happens ... ;)


    Ah ... and let me know the result ;)




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  2. Hi Peter,

    My instinctive reaction is no to this. The way I have integrated 8 and 9 in the past is to pick an appropriate call-in/call-out part of the URB. By selecting one of the standard protocols e.g. Web Services, COM etc…, you can worry less about the underlying product versions.

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