IDF stepped hitlist

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Uniface9 MSS.

is it possible to put a larger hitlist at eg. the "Open Component"-form of the UDE?

Regards RogerW 


  1. Hi, maybe it helps you, add in your asn file the param:

    USYS$MSS_PARAMS = step size:1000

    That´s retrieve 1000 rows.


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  2. Hi Rafa,

    it doesn't help with "step" or "step size". Uniface7 idf seems to always have a real large hitlist and Uniface9 seems to have approx. 100 ??

    Regards RogerW 

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  3. Hi, we work with DB2 and Oracle, when we added similar parameter to those database, uniface retrieves the right number of rows; maybe with MSS there´s another parameter.


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  4. Hi,

    are you sure that "step" or "step size" work in your development environment UDE?
    Check the behaviour of the scrollbar of eg. "Open Component"-form (picklist) .

    In our other applications it works as long as there is no "order by" or some check for $hits, which I suppose is the right behaviour.

    But in the "UDE/IDF-application" (eg. Component Name-picklist) I have some strange behaviour,  I think it worked once but now I can't get it working anymore, it seems to always use approx. step size 100. Or doesn't the scrollbar reflect the right number of hits as in my other applications.... :-(

    Regards RogerW. 


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