How to configure Uniface 9.6 for multiple character sets

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I've been away from Uniface for over a decade, and am now returning to the "brave new world" of Uniface 9.6.  I installed my copy using the Western encoding, since most of my programming will be done in English.  However, my application entails storing translation strings from many languages (i.e. English => German, English => Chinese, English => Hebrew).  It is not the prompts and user interface that are being translated (i.e. not something that can be handled with the LANGUAGE parameters), but rather, I need to be able to accept data entry into the database in any language. I have read the documentation about setting up unicode, including the changes to be made to the usys.ini and usys.asn files.  It is unclear to me what changes need to be made to allow for data entry in *ANY* language (as opposed to a specific language, as shown in the documentation). I have installed the Uniface 9.6.06 trial using SQLite on a Windows 7 PC.  Can someone send me usys.ini and usys.asn files that will support multiple languages?   Thank you!

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  1. Never mind.  As has often been the case, Uniface makes things so simple, I just have to remember not to overthink things. The solution to my problem was to use the packing code "W" in my string fields.  This allowed me to enter any character set into the database that I wanted.

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