Having Uniface work with Netscaler loadbalancer

Author: stephane.pfefer@rousselot.com (spfefer)

Hello, I am looking for other users who are using loadbalancer. Here is our architecture : 2 application servers in 2 different datacenters on active/active mode. Between the servers and the clients, there is a Netscaler loadbanlancer. For every new session, the loadbalancer will forward the requests to one of the 2 servers. The loadbalancer is checking the Urouters on the servers by scanning the ports and checking that they are open. As this scan is not a regular Urouter request, we get a lot of errors in the urouter log: err=-16: thpsv: Problems receiving request Anyone else is using such a configuration with a loadbalancer ? How do you check for Urouter health ? Is there any standard Uniface setting for high avaibility architecture ? Thanks,

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