HTML Widget: Center Enter vs Keypad Enter

Author: (RKramlich)

Hi, I'm creating a Javascript grid within the HTML Widget. However, I need the Center Enter and Keypad Enter to do different things. In our program, Center Enter fires the Detail Trigger and Keypad Enter fires the Next Field Trigger. (As per our Translation table) I know that Javascript cannot tell the difference between the Enters so I have looked into the use of UnifaceKeys. One approach I thought about: - Setting Tab and Enter as UnifaceKeys. - Calling JavaScript functions from the Next Field and Detail Triggers(instead of handling the keypresses in Javascript.) However, if I try this, the Keypad enter fires the Detail Trigger instead of the Next Field Trigger like it's supposed to. It's as if the declaration of Enter as a UnifaceKey has stripped its Translation Table functionality away from it. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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