Grid and window resizing

Author: (rogerw)


I think I'm too old for  these widget properties.

I'm using a grid-entity and to the rigth of the grid, a normal dummy-entity for buttons.
I would like the grid to be attached to the right edge of the window, so
that when the window is dragged (resized) to the right, the dummy-entity (button-area) would stay
unresized (moved to the right) and the grid would be wider. The dummy-entity seems to revoke the
grid attachment to the right edge of the window.

I have also tried with a vertical split-bar between those. But then I have to first drag the window
and then the split-bar. I have also tried locking the split-bar etc., but with no success.
Is it possible to do this by just dragging/resizing the window to the right?

Regards RogerW.


  1. Hi RogerW,

    in the past, I had successful used a splitbar
    to preserve some rightmost space for buttons etc.

    Attach: right
    Style: Hidden
    Lock: ON

    Will have a look at your special considerations.
    And it worked well in 8.4.01 and 9.2.01 and 9.4.c1
    Which uniface Version do you use?

    Success, Uli


    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Splitbar attach to the right, Grid-Widget attach to the right (if Grid widget is left from split-bar).

    Dependent on the settings/uniface-Version, remove the registry-entry for the specific component. Here are possibly some values hold... which can corrupt the geometry.


    To avoid unnessecary scrollbars in specific situations (... I think it was tab-Pages attached to Splitbars...) try to paint as small as possible...



    Author: gypsilon (
  3. Hi,

    my Uniface version is (P202 0720_1),
    and thanks, I got it working by removing the state registry-entry for this specific component. What I still doesn't understand is why
    this component is the only one (beside USYSSQL) which state is saved into the registry, although it's defined in the same manner
    as other components, ie. it's having the "three state undetermined" for the "Keep state layout" of the "Window properties". Only If I uncheck
    the  "Keep state layout" it works like the others, not saving the state (in registry) between sessions?

    Regards RogerW.


    Author: rogerw (
  4. AFAIK: Default is "ON". uniface only stores something in the registry, if there are changes of the Geometry done by Users. No change, no registry entry.
    Once something stored, it is not any more removed by an internal mechanism. Even unchecking the Option, the registry entry is still available.

    This causes irritations e.g. in developing/deploying components,  changing the screen resolution, changing the canvas font or changing the writing direction ;-).
    Our pragamtic way is a "registry cleaner", which cleans the necessary parts of the registry; e.g. during a patch installation.

    Regards Wolfgang

    Author: gypsilon (