Grid Widget no Header description

Author: (TheAleph)

Hi all, I'm working with U9.4.01 patch 135 I can define and use Entity Grid Widget, but I can't see and manage the Fields Header description ........... where is my fault ? The header field is empty. Thanks in advance Aleph


  1. Just one addition to the previous comments. Not everybody knows that it is not important how you paint the gird. You do not have to paint 15 occurrences (for example) for a grid entity, you just paint the entity 15 cells high. Then it is not important if the fields are below each other or next to each other or scattered. It also does not matter where you paint the labels, as long as they are inside the entity and attached (renamed) to their field. The Grid does take the painted length of the fields, so that is something to look at.   The quickest way to paint a grid on a new form is just to paint the entity as one big occrrence. 1. Then select Load Fields from the menu bar and select the fields that you want. 2. Make sure the checkbox for the labels is on. 3. Then you have your fields and you change their painted length. 4. Now set the entity property to Gird and set the Attach property the way you want it. Have fun !  

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  2. Hello, -You need go to transform the entity in a Grid -You have to press in Edit menu and select Load Fields including the LABELS (this part is very important 'cause if you don´t charge the fields in this way, You'll can´t get it) -Then you have to put the Labels in the top of the entity. -Now you can go to the Grid properties and check the options you need.

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  3. That's quite helpful a question to me. Since I am also plain a newbie in Uniface, I am not quite familiar with the grid component, and the grid header thing. This question insighted me!

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  4. The field header is based on the label assosciated with the field. Ensure the label is painted INSIDE the grid widget entity and renamed to match the field.

    Author: Iain Sharp (
  5. OK thanks Iain, bye.

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