Graphical FrontEnd for Uniface application

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For a coming project I need to implement a graphical front-end to a Uniface application module. Browsing my development machine I have noticed these two type libraries: - FlowChartX Professional 4.1    C:\Program Files (x86)\Uniface\U97\common\bin\ugmv20.dll    ProgID:Uniface.UFlowChartPro - FlowChartX Professional 4.2    C:\Program Files (x86)\Uniface\U97\common\bin\ugraph30.dll  ??? They should be perfect for my case and (more than all everything else) they are distributed with latest Uniface! Unfortunately trying to import the signature (with: /sti /mwr=com /pid Uniface.UFlowChartPro:UFLW_) I got this messages: Error   : La classe non dispone della licenza per l'utilizzo. (English should be: Class does not have license to be re-used.) Messages [0] Warnings [0] Errors   [1] Signature could not be generated Do I have any chance to reuse these object in my project? As an example, a signature already used from uniface development enabling to: - Accepting in input an empty or filled flowChart object - Enabling to draw basic flow chart shapes (Start, Action, Decision, Arrows, Stop...maybe something else) - Enabling to defined details when a shape is double clicked - Giving back as output flowChart object Regards, Gianni


  1. gianni said Do I have any chance to reuse these object in my project?

    I don't believe so, as FlowChartX is under license of MindFusion What about Graphviz? Ingo

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  2. Thanks Ingo! I'll take a look to Graphviz for sure... :-) Best Regards, Gianni

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  3. Hi Gianni, as you have seen in our CHARTJS prototype, browserbased graphical frontends are pretty easy to use, inexpensive and provide a lot of support from their pretty active community. Scan for a product supporting your flowchart requirements as well as your interactive needs ("when a shape is double clicked"). Greetings from a chilly Frankfurt/Germany morning, Uli

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