Gobal Changing of run to activate

Author: steve.richards@sanderson.com (Steve Richards)

Is there anyway to globally change all our proc code so that run becomes activate?

We are using Uniface 9.3




  1. The "quick and dirty" :

    Export as XML

    Load XML to editor of your choice

    replace "run" with "activate"


    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  2. Hi,

    it is very simple. Export the complete Repository (all objects) into an xml file.

    Open this xml-file with an editor (e.g. ultra-edit). If the editor can use regulare search, than you can search for e.g.  /brun/.

    You can use the replace function to replace all run (single word) with activate.

    Whenn you want to replace run "xxx" through activate "xxxx".exec(), than you have to use a sophisticated searching.

    Another oppurtunity is build an c++ programm. than you can replace more deprecate functions.

    Best regards


    Author: Thomas.Young (thomas.young@young-consulting.de)
  3. Which version are you coming from? Possibly "run" is not the only one, you need to adapt. Then it will become a bit time-consuming anyway.

    The XML-way is the pragamtic way. You cannot be sure to tranlate a bit too much.

    We did write a migration and analysing tool, which -simply spoken- does the replace only on those places where you expect proc-code. This works direct on the repository. Writing such a tool costs time, but on the other hand at the end you've got something with which you can analyse, manipulate and migrate your code (even from/to other languages).

    At the end it depends a bit on how big your application is, and what is more simple. A sophisticated, a pragmatic or the manually way...


    Author: gypsilon (wva@gypsilon.de)
  4. Hi,

    We at Compuware Uniface Services have an offering to migrate applications to new Uniface versions.

    Our tools will change run to activate, and will change all other things that give you warnings, errors, or that have been marked as deprecated.
    We look at approx. 60 different issues, and our tools do approx 90% automatically.
    This will provide you with a fast, affordable and proven way of migrating you source code to a newer Uniface version.

    Please contact me for more information on how we can help you.

    Theo Neeskens
    Solution Architect
    Compuware Uniface Services
    Tel +31 6 50685504

    Author: Theo Neeskens (tneeskens@itblockz.nl)
  5. ... we did too ... ;-)

    We developed a tool, -written in pure uniface-, which operates on the repository.
    Not only for migration issues, but also for development challenges:
    searching and analysing the repository and code structures...
    The big benefit: Very easy to integrate own enhancements within the system.
    For migration issues, we did collect our experiences in this tool
    (replacing statements and analysing syntax issues). If interested, send me a mail.

    (wva (a) hup.de)

    Author: gypsilon (wva@gypsilon.de)
  6. Thanks for all the replies.

    We are coming from 7 (via 8) to 9.3 which is already done. We have found that run causes some problems which is why we want to change them all.


    Author: Steve Richards (steve.richards@sanderson.com)
  7. Hi,

    Can you tell me what type of problem you encounter? We are using Uniface 9.3 with run and we would like to verify if we could have the same problem.



    Author: svallee (sylvain.vallee@medisolution.com)