Gid performance

Author: (istiller)

Hi freaks

If you notice a bad grid performance, maybe the problem is about a missing entry in INI-file.
If not jet done, just put another line into the INI file


The grid is look for the colorbox entry, even if the component does not used it. If there is no such entry, UnifAce tries to read from INI for every row/field in the grid.  And UnifAce does not use a cached INI-file but read every time from (network-)drive

So instead of reading just a few bytes, Uniface reads hundreads of mega byte over network.
And this could be slow, very slow :-)

Compuware promise to fix this bug in one of the next patches, in meantime one can use the workaround by write the above line into the IN-file






  1. Nice ! - it works

    thanks for the post

    Author: AyeJayUU (
  2. This seems to be bug 29796 which was fixed in Uniface 9.6.01 patch X101

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  3. I am quite amazed and that you find such a good way to improve the grid component performance. No any grid control tutorial can result in such a good effect. Nice work!  

    Author: xiaoyuandlg (