Force Uniface to use the Value changed Trigger

Author: (Deepak)


I have writen a peice of code in the "detail" trigger of a field to perform a specific task, in the exisiting system 

in the "Value changed" trigger has code for these fields (about 1000 fields).
Is there any possibility of calling the "value changed" trigger after performing the code I have put in the "detail"


Thank you for the help in advance.

Deepak G


  1. Instead of putting the code in the value change trigger,
    make that code an entry.

    The you can call the entry from whereever you want.

    Success, Uli

    If you need more help on this,
    don't hesitate to ask us.


    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Hi,


    Thanks for the reply,
    but the problem is that the value changed trigger already contains some code, I want to use that code after performing the new peice of code i have written in the detail trigger.

    If I have to move that code into an entry, I would have to do that for about 1000 odd forms.




    Deepak G

    Author: Deepak (
  3. Hi Deepak,

    it takes just a traverse of the uniface repository:

    We take into account all entities which host <VALC>-code in the metadictionary:


    We put in front of each <VALC> trigger the following lines (<counter> is just to make it unique ):

    call VALC_<counter>
    entry VALC_<counter>

    If you can wait some days, I will provide a working model as part of the dITo_C4C initiative.

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  4. Hi Deepak,

    If you are running Uniface 9, then there is a new procedure CallFiledTrigger TriggerName, FiledName.

    It is ment to be used to call <DTLF>, <DTLE> en extended triggers and works as such in Forms, but maybe it works here as well.

    Kind regards

    Frank Sjoukes

    Author: Frank Sjoukes (
  5. Hmm, neither callfieldtrigger nor CallFiledTrigger will compile in Uniface 9.3.02 Is this a 9.4 thing?

    Author: Iain Sharp (
  6. Yes it is.

    I'am sorry


    Author: Frank Sjoukes (